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Decorating can be overwhelming...

Decorating can be overwhelming. If you’re like me, you have a list of remodeling projects, a few of which are started but only partially complete. I’m always eager to get started, but soon move on when the options become too many. Next time you’re ready to start a project, consider these four design basics: fabrics, layers, expenses, and surprises.


Fabrics First

You don’t often get to start a project from a blank canvas. Even when you do, your brain already has a collection of items for inspiration-- whether that be a cool color pallette, festive decorations, or favorite arm chair. Wherever your inspiration may come from, those beginning pieces will help determine the fabric choice(s) for your room. Once you’ve decided on fabrics, it becomes much easier to choose complementary colors.
Think of all the pieces in your room that incorporate fabric-- curtains, pillows, bedding, furniture. It can be very costly and time-consuming to have them made or upholstered, so be sure about your fabric choice! Once that’s settled, it’s very easy to match your paint and other accessories to your fabric!

wallpaper layers

Love Layers

When you’re planning the layout of a room, it’s important to focus on space and scale first. Understanding how elements are layered is of equal importance. For instance, the materials used on the floor and walls become the backdrop to new elements you bring into the room. Furniture and accessories come next, and have potential to cover a large portion of your backdrop. Therefore, if you’re thinking of using a wall covering with a heavy pattern, consider putting that on the ‘empty’ wall so the pattern isn’t obscured by wall hangings.
We love layers, but we also don’t want our individual pieces to get lost.

before and after

Expect Expenses

While we all have daydreams of walking into a furniture store and saying, “I’ll take the whole grouping,” it’s not necessary to take out a second mortgage to redesign a room. First order of business is reusing pieces you already have and love. Give them a little tlc or move them to another room (rearranging isn’t out of the question, people). You can easily make an existing piece come to life!
Second on the list is pinpointing those must-have items that fall into the ‘splurge’ category. Find that piece you’ve had your eye on for a while, as it will help determine the budget. Quality comes at a price, but that doesn’t mean you have to forfeit the look you want to avoid breaking the bank.  You can add a pop of color or achieve an air of extravagance with wall covers and paint; both of which can be implemented at minimal cost.

unexpected living

Unearth the Unexpected

There’s a fine line between complementing and matching. While we want our colors to be complementary and our patterns to be paired, there is such a thing as too much matching. Every room has a theme. It could be inspired by a color palette, a geographic region or a time period. You might be shooting for a nautical feel or a sleek spacious look. Whatever style suits your fancy, incorporate an unexpected piece to add an element of surprise and be the crowning jewel. Don't be afraid to get those pieces you see and love but aren't sure you have a place for. The point is, it doesn’t have to match, but enhance!